the “Labs”

In PLINK there are laboratories (or “Labs”), which consist of study and research environments made up of professionals belonging to different sectors, with divergent propensities and points of view.

In the laboratories, the operational capacity, knowledge and attitude of individual colleagues come together to listen, delve deeper, understand, evaluate and propose ideas, but also to identify training needs within the company.

The Labs are places of aggregation, experimentation and brainstorming that operate with the aim of creating useful publications for the entire company, always accessible within the Corporate Academy.

There are currently three laboratories active in PLINK, each with a specific address.

People Lab

People Lab

The People Lab carries out research into the well-being and professional growth of people in a corporate organisation.

The Lab’s work is also evident in relation to the cycle of events around our values. In particular, colleagues in the Lab team pay attention to the internal dynamics and discussions that are generated around the topics covered during the events.

The laboratory has published a study relating to the dynamics of the human brain within working environments, which is now available to all PLINK members.


Knowledge Lab

The Knowledge Lab deals with the enhancement and dissemination of knowledge within the company.

Specific skills and mastery are thus enhanced through a process that goes from being implicit and “private” to making them explicit and universally available.

The Lab deals with making knowledge a common heritage, which in this way becomes part of the organizational culture as shared knowledge.

The Knowledge Lab builds the basis of individual development plans, which in the Eulero project we call MyODP.


Innovative solutions Lab

The Innovative Solutions Lab carries out studies on possible technological and process innovations at PLINK, for the benefit of the entire company.

The Lab is meant to carry out research, therefore it produces reasoning, technical explorations and experiments on different topics.

The Lab is meant to carry out research, therefore it produces reasoning, technical explorations and experiments on different topics.


Data Analytics Lab

Data Analytics Lab studies and monitors company operational data, integrating it into organizational processes (graph model) to improve them.

Through research and aggregation, the Lab verifies the quality of the data. Participants also identify the most suitable technology to support the processes, such as artificial intelligence.

Its main objectives include measuring workloads, identifying any critical issues, improving processes and operational flows, and developing predictive capacity.