MyODP: My Organizational Development Plan

Openness, international development and the constant growth of PLINK’s staff are the reasons why we institutionalized the Eulero project and created a recognizable model, which, going into detail, translates into the MyODP.

MyODP (My Organizational Development Plan) is a professional and personal development plan, tailor-made for each Professional Link collaborator. The plan includes values, technical and organizational elements, training, shared objectives within the company and much more.

The aim of MyODP is to create, by evaluating the starting situation and the potential for future growth, a cultural and training path that leads the collaborator to develop:

  • Sense of belonging and sense of relevance to the usefulness of acting in the company
  • Commercial spirit and customer orientation
  • Teamwork, a proactive spirit and respect
  • Awareness of the impact of one’s work on others
  • Availability to welcome changes
  • Technical and cultural knowledge

The idea of My ODP was born from PLINK’s need to shift attention from skills to people’s skills. In this way, we can systematize the work of individuals for a common goal, that of generating innovation with solutions that help people live better.