Corporate Academy

PLINK Corporate Academy is the place where the culture, training and value system of our company are developed

With the Eulero Project we enhance shared knowledge through training and cultural dissemination: that’s the aim of PLINK Corporate Academy.

In 2023, we launched our organizational development project (which we named “Eulero Project”) to take advantage of all the activity we have been carrying out in our company since its foundation. As a result, the initiative systematizes company growth and protects its ecosystem.

Our future-oriented approach is distinguished by cultural differentiation, which involves integrating multiple contributions from different fields of knowledge, even those far from the daily lives of individuals. Therefore, the knowledge spread within PLINK is structured and organized in the Corporate Academy, a repository of knowledge divided according to specific training modules.

Corporate Academy PLINK

Divisions of the Academy

  1. Compliance: workplace safety, first aid, BLSD, fire prevention, ISO certifications
  2. Technical: digital skills, software, tools and services
  3. Linguistic: English language and sign language
  4. Social and personal development: corporate values, self-understanding, teamwork, change management
  5. Work Efficacy: customer care, project management, time management, commercial and relational strategies
  6. Well-being: digital well-being, prevention of musculoskeletal disorders, healthy eating
  7. Cultural: art and culture in order to stimulate creativity and innovation

The valorizing of PLINK’s shared knowledge, a sort of widespread wisdom, passes through this everyday training modulation. Our corporate academy is an institutionalized ontology, easily usable, in which there are various divisions that grow and evolve together with the company.