Annual event dedicated to the unexpected link between anthropology and the world of business

Professional Link, despite being a telecommunications operator, has for two years hosted Anthroday: a meeting dedicatet to the dialogue between entrepreneurs, academics and anthropologists regarding circular business development and social sustainability.

The “Anthroday” event is an opportunity to discuss how personalities, attitudes and interpersonal relationships in the company can be integrated with organizational objectives. During the meeting we also try to define, in collaboration with the University of Milano Bicocca, what contribution anthropology can make to all this, given that the company is a community of individuals.

How to improve productivity through the involvement and growth of people

At Professional Link we have been improving productivity for years by investing in the well-being and the human and professional growth of our staff. We do this through processes implemented with the tools that the world of art and culture gives us.

This way of approaching the business has allowed us to double our revenue and our number of workers in the space of two years, with a churn rate of our staff of 10%.

Art and anthropology play a huge part in business development. The question we ask ourselves every day is: “Do we do this because we do well, or do we do well because we do this?”
We do not pursue these objectives with the time and money we have leftover, because social sustainability cannot be achieved with the superfluous. 

Anthroday February 16th 2024


  • Organizational development in PLINK with the Eulero Project
  • From artistic culture to organizational culture
  • Mediators, Change and the “Us”: anthropology and organizational pedagogy
  • Professional Link’s case study in a research on the influence of art in businesses
  • Understanding corporate culture as a fundamental element for organizational development
Anthroday 2024

Anthroday 16 febbraio 2023


  • What is growth? What future to expect? The agreement beyond the contract 
  • Organizational innovation aimed at people and business
  • Why is it worth to practice Anthropology in a company?

We talked about how to work on the peculiarities of the organization, to make it a stimulating and effective laboratory reality. Ours was an attempt to bring anthropology out of universities by presenting its real applications. In our case, that meant managing the growth of the company in a sustainable way with a non-hierarchical model.

Anthroday 2023

World Anthropology Day

The “Anthroday” event is part of the “World Anthropology Day” festival.

World Anthropology Day is an initiative promoted by the American Anthropological Association and launched in Milan starting from 2019 by the Master’s Degree course in Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences, the Doctorate in Cultural and Social Anthropology and the Doctorate in Intangible Cultural Heritage in Innovation Socio-Cultural of the University of Milan-Bicocca. It is organized in collaboration with the department of Languages, Literatures, Cultures and Mediations of the University of Milan, the department of Humanities of the IULM University and the departments of Cultures, Politics and Society and Philosophy and Educational Sciences of the University of Turin.