Live performance by the artist Afran

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Live performance by the artist Afran

We believe that art can have a positive impact on people’s lives in many different ways. The arts influence people’s lives in a profound way, generating social responsibility and integration. In fact, those who work need more than just an adequate income; they also require something deeper that has to do with the quality of time they spend at work.

We have therefore undertaken a series of collaborations in support of emerging artists and already recognized artists, which have resulted in:
  • Sponsorship of exhibitions and artistic events
  • Guided tours for our collaborators
  • Numerous works of art are exhibited within our offices and are freely accessible by those who work with us
  • A cycle of seminars on Art History held by the Art Gallery Mandelli Arte
  • A live performance, at our headquarters in Cermenate, by the artist Francis Nathan Abiamba, aka Afran.
Live performance di Afran

On Saturday 7 October 2023, all Professional Link collaborators attended a live performance by Afran at our headquarters in Cermenate (CO).

In the works and installations of this Cameroonian artist, a multitude of social issues are explored, such as the issue of belonging, the protection of cultural identity, the advancement of society in time, and the relationship between humans and nature.

His solo exhibition “I’m Blue Panther” at the Milan Triennale in 2017 and his “social mushrooms” installations at the Venice Biennale in 2022 were highly successful, as was his collaboration with the brand Diesel.

Live performance di Afran

During the event, Afran shared his artistic journey with us, he talked about his research on materials, and about the creative method he developed, providing insight into what it really means to create art. Afterwards, Afran performed a unique and unrepeatable live performance, which led to the creation of a new pictorial work, which is today part of the PLINK art collection.

We cannot stress enough how exceptional this occasion was. The fact that Afran created a live work exclusively for us, allowed us to understand art from a privileged point of view. Furthermore, this event is a testament to the successes we have achieved as a company by sharing a common goal.

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This performance was part of Professional Link’s Eulero Project.

If you want to see the entire performance you can find it here.

Live performance di Afran